Session Fees (In Person and Online Psychotherapy)

Adult Counseling


Time Senior Counselor Fee

Reiko Yamamoto, MSW

Junior Counselor Fee

Hitomi Kawai, MSW

Eric Lenhardt, MSW

Intake 90min. ¥30,000- ¥17,000-
Individual 60min. ¥20,000-

(only up to 5 sessions then transferred to another counselor)

Couple 75min. ¥25,000- ¥15,000-
Family 90min. ¥30,000- ¥21,000-



All bank and postal payments are due 2 business days in advance.  Paypal payments are due 48 hours prior to our session.

We have 3 payment methods for Skype (all financial service fees are payable by the client):

  • Shizuoka Bank, Toro Branch, Futsu, Account Number: 0614091
    • Payments are made to Shinri Counseling, So-getsu, Yamamoto Reiko
  • Yuu Cho (Japan Post Account) Kiggo Number: 12370 Bango: 44785821
    • Account Name: Yamamoto Reiko
  • Pay Pal (Overseas Clients Only)
    • Pay Pal Account Holders can do the following:
    • Pay Pal Non-Account Holders can do the following:
      • Send us an email at
      • We will send you the bill through Pay Pal.
      • Pay the bill with your credit card info. (choose yen option)
  • To contact

Call 054-340-0700 and leave a message or Email us at or



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