What is a Skype Session?

Skype sessions (internet video calling service) are available at Sogetsu.  If you are living in Japan or overseas, you can contact us about doing Skype sessions.  Below are some instructions for doing Skype sessions:

  • Make sure you have an internet connection (WIFI is not recommended)
  • Secure a room where you can feel safe and your privacy is assured.
  • You might want to use headphones.
  • Please do not eat during the sessions. You may drink during sessions, but preferably not caffeine.  Alcohol and smoking are not appropriate.
  • Sometimes you might need a sofa to lie down on for regression therapy or hypnotherapy.
  • Paper and crayons for artwork may be needed.
  • You can pay to our Sogetsu bank account or through Pay Pal, or the Japan Post Office Bank transfer service.
  • Fees are due 2 days prior to your appointment. For more detailed information regarding fees, please look below.
  • If you need to cancel, please let us know two days prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • I you cancel less than two days prior to your session we will attempt to reschedule that session for the same week. However if we cannot find a mutually agreeable time in the same week we will need to charge you for the missed session.
  • If there is any technical issue that makes it impossible to have our Skype session at the appointment time we will reschedule the appointment for the same fee.

Skype Fees

  • Adult Counseling
    Time Reduced Fee

    (Hiromi Kawai, MSW

    Eric Lenhardt, MSW)

    Senior Counselor Fee

    (Reiko Yamamoto, MSW)

    Intake 90min. \17,000- \30,000-
    Individual 60min. \9,000- \20,000-
    Couple 75min. N/A \25,000-
    Family 90min. N/A N/A


Skype sessions are only available for Adult clients.

Payment Method

  • We have 3 payment methods for Skype (all financial service fees are payable by the client):
    • Shizuoka Bank, Toro Branch, Futsu, Account Number: 0614091
      • Payments are made to Shinri Counseling, So-getsu, Yamamoto Reiko
    • Yuu Cho (Japan Post Account) Kiggo Number: 12370 Bango: 44785821
      • Account Name: Yamamoto Reiko
    • Pay Pal (Overseas Clients Only)
      • Pay Pal Account Holders can do the following:
      • Pay Pal Non-Account Holders can do the following:
        • Send us an email at info@so-getsu.com
        • We will send you the bill through Pay Pal.
        • Pay the bill with your credit card info. (choose yen option)

Reduced Fees (applicable to Skype or in-person sessions)

  • There are people who are strongly motivated to go to counseling, but have difficulty do so due to financial issues. Please contact us to discuss reduced fee arrangements.


To contact

   Call 054-340-0700 and leave a message or Email us at info@so-getsu.com or eric.sogetsu.counseling@gmail.com

お気軽にお問い合わせください。054-340-0700受付時間 9:00-18:00 [ 月・祝日除く ]