English Counseling Services

At Sogetsu, we provide English counseling services in-person and by Online (Zoom or Skype).

There are three English speaking therapists, (one native speaker & two bilingual)

Eric Lenhardt is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience living and working in Japan.  He relocated back to the US recently and works as a psychotherapist at an outpatient wellness center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He continues to provide therapy to ex-patriot clients throughout Japan via Skype  and is actively seeking new online clients.

Reiko Yamamoto is a Japanese therapist who was trained in counseling in the US. She is fluent in English and Japanese.  She was educated and worked in NYC, US for many years.  She is passionate about her work and happy to provide counseling and supervision.

Hitomi Kawai is a Japanese therapist who was also trained in the US.  She speaks Japanese and English fluently.  She was educated in New York City and then worked there as a child counselor. At Sogetsu she provides counseling for children, teenagers, and adults.  She really enjoys her work as a counselor.

We can provide individual, couples and family sessions depending on your needs.


To contact

   Call 054-340-0700 and leave a message or Email us at info@so-getsu.com .



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